Ominous Storms and Strange


Beware ye Isle most glorious

of queens and kings both

Lions and Lambs.

Something wicked and strange

this way comes.

An Ophelien wind portends,

bending its vortexed eye

toward Dover.

The Ides of October

to history amend.


This Child of Ours

She can say more with one expression than most folks can in an entire conversation. 🎀✨❤️

These Sons of Mine


I expected clones. Two years and three days apart. As different as night and day from the moment they began to stir. How surprising, what a miracle! So much joy just being their mom!

Babies to boys, boys to men, men making their own families-strong and good. Faithful to who they are, secure in themselves. Courageous protectors of their own, loving providers-good friends of old friends keeping.

Living life to the fullest. Making a difference in the world as they go. Making right and good choices. Thinking things through. Leaning on faith. Counting on family.

I expected clones. These sons of mine.  More alike than I thought.

Tuesday Treasure

14047269_1136291879761378_6032811698582015651_oAt our house there is a sudden, rapid spurt of growth and change. It seemed a long time coming. In the blink of an eye it is here.

There were the lean years of not seeing our boys much. During school, work, courtship, and marriage came the strange position of parenting absent adult children via phone and text mostly. Thanks to good, positive bonds and communication, their dad and I grew through it and learned a lot.

Now our family has joyfully grown from four to eight-doubled in two years! Both our sons married within six moths of each other and had children with three months of each other.

Along with their marriages we the gained two wonderful extended families of their wives. These are strong, solid, loving and welcoming families which we count as treasures.

All families go through “stuff”. We pray for each other, we love each other through. The handsome guy in the photo is a treasured miracle. We prayed him through. We loved the family through. They love us back.

Family. A Tuesday Treasure



Try as I might, capturing the frail beauty of a bloom is beyond my blundering hand. The hues and tones of nature, bleed together mysteriously so as to create three dimensional glories worthy only of the great Creator. If I was a poet perhaps an Ode to the twining flures would suffice. 

As for today, I offer this new work. It is filled with all the joy of glorious hues and tones of nature. Every mystery of my hand and imagination gladly fumbled it onto the canvas.

One for my friend. One for my child.


Tuesday’s Child-Full of Grace

She’s the Bomb! I love this! Another blogger in my family! is up and coming! Nicole Capalbo Dingle, its author, is a woman ahead of her time. For her tender age she has lived and worked in Manhattan, traveled Europe, hiked across parts of the US, surfed in the Dominican Republic, built, remodeled, decorated and sold several houses in The Holy City (Charleston, SC), made more money in a year than I did in five, and continues to hit the ground running. 

Yep, she is my beloved daughter-in-law, however I love her as my very own. From the first moment our son brought her to our door, we knew she was the one for him. Nicole comes from a large, I mean large Italian family and Family is everything to her! She has enriched our lives beyond belief. 

Multi-talented and a writer, I invite you to explore her new blog. Taste some of her life and her treasure. Learn from her graceful simplicity. Feed on her appetite and fire for entertaining. Laugh and cry with her ability to be self-effacing and genuine. 

This daughter of mine is Full of Grace.


imageimageimagewoman and tornado

In Response to: Cee’s Photo: “Unknown Flower”

Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss
“Unknown Flower”
Summer Blooms…who can resist them? Wow, this one, posted on Cee’s Photo caught my attention because it was unknown of course as well as for the pure beauty of its blazing color. 
Pursuing images last night, I came across my featured image of a field of Morning Glories which reminded me of where I had seen the similar vining  plant in my neck of the woods.
These beautiful ladies are not exactly the same, but possibly cousins? Someone commented that it might be a potato plant-if so, the harvest would be most delicious indeed! 

Loved Forever II

Held, so close to my heart.

Wonders-Blazing Bright.

A love, fierce and hungry,



Before became Now.

Four became Six.

Wonders became Whos.

Blazing Life!



Names my heart,

Claims my being,

Undoes my world,


As my Fist Two Whos


So their own,


Are and Will Be,



Caught Blind: Hurt #2










I refuse?

Wrong answer.

Now you got it!

Take action.


Do it again

And again

And again.




You bet.


Not at all.




Musings on Maundy Thursday


Foot washing

 A ritual from long ago, a left-over Sunday School lesson or an ancient worn out, meaningless religious doctrine. Who thinks about a thing like that now?

Have you ever had your feet washed or washed the feet of another?  I will tell you my experience of both.

Picture a large, sanctuary-heart pine pews, old brick floors with a raised pine altar. The room is bathed in light from candle sconces. It is Maundy Thursday.

Beside two altar chairs, one for the Priest and the other for the Bishop are a jar of water, a wash basin and a white linen towel. The Bishop comes down to the lower center of the altar area and asks anyone who is willing to come and sit in one of the two chairs.

I have heard in the night’s teaching, reading along in my Bible about Jesus washing the feet of his reluctant disciples. I watch to see what the few others who are there will do.  I expect those who go up are about to have their feet washed.

Hearing and reading about it is fine and well, but when it comes down to “the act itself”, it puts one on the spot. I began to realize this was a not a spectator arena. I was invited to take part-participate-enter into the scene that we had just encountered in scripture. I like Jesus’ disciples, was reluctant.

This was too intimate somehow. I would have to take my footies off in front of a priest or the Bishop for goodness sake. Had I shaved my legs? Oh no! What about the polish on my toenails? I had not even thought about that!

My heart was pounding out of my chest as I watched others. I found myself out of my seat with tears running down my cheeks. I sat in one of the big chairs. An old man I loved and respected was on his knees gently removing my shoes and footies. I looked down and Tommy was smiling up at me. I felt warm water as he poured it over my bare feet. He gently took each of my feet in his aged hands and wiped them with the soft towel, still on his knees. All I could see was the top of his thinning white hair.

All I remember next was Mr.Tommy in the chair and I,on my knees, looking up into his face. Tears were streaming out of his peacefully smiling eyes. I knew exactly what he was feeling.

I remembered driving home and many times later, that line in scripture where Jesus said to his disciples before washing their feet, “What I do you do not realize now, but you will understand later.” John 13: 7.  That night my realization was a love so complete, intimate and humbling that I supposed the word for it was Agape. It was the next closest thing to holiness I had experienced.


My realization this Mandy Thursday

 After Jesus had washed their feet he told them, “I say to you, a slave is not greater than his master; neither is one who is sent greater than the one who sent him.” John 13: 16.


Deuteronomy. 29:29