The Wonder of True Friendship

To hold fast to Wonder: the exuberant, innocent and unincombered imagination of childhood is one of my hopes for beginning this year. Without it, being a writer is not a possibility.

In this season of life I also hold fast to my Favorite Things. On Christmas our two year old grandson gave us a wonderful gift. Climbing onto the piano stool he played for us and sang what we realized as the old show tune, “My Favorite Things”.

This morning I muse on friendship and its Blessings. To have a true friend who has been in my life for forty plus years, years of loving and ups and downs including marriage, divorce, births, death, rearing children, heartbreaking disagreements, years of physical separation from one another, reconciliation and movement from extreme youth to the world of older age is true friendship. It is truly a Wonder! I count it in my collection of Favorite Things as possibly the number one.

The gift is worth more. It keeps me going, gives me joy, hope and increases my faith in God and humanity. I wonder how I can hope for much more. I wish it for you!



bitsofmyselfcom. A scribbling penner with mysterious thoughts...

Where I go myself follows.

Id and ego, even being drizzles away.

I am unseen even in shadow of the sun.

How do I prove or set value for or in a disappearing self?

I cannot walk away even though I am not.

Is it  then cowardess or hubris?

Oh Light of the World,

You Who sees with never failing eyes,

Have mercy.

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