Proof of Life: Buji-nin


A young man, tall and strong-jawed born of a line of military genius, sarcastic and exuberantly witty, played in the Age of Aquarius. He haltingly tested his professors with his grasping mind and profane insubordination. As was meet and right in the eyes of all he questioned and disrespected he found himself in the uniform of a soldier.

He no longer played at board games with tiny men as his intellect now turned to the horrors of an unjust war. Profanity became his definition of life, death and insubordination a daily examination in existence. Humility swallowed up all traces of surface haughtiness with the degrading, unceasing cries and pain of children, mothers and comrades.

The strong-jawed man returned home diseased, wounded, angry, confused and carrying his own scars. In his consuming genius he grew to love, respect and master his enemy’s languages, customs, religions and gods. Buji-nin is a tag name he has gave himself, (-DT Suzuki would sometimes sign himself meaning “no special person”).

He is, after all a child of Aquarius-questioning, rebellious, prone to wander as were we all. No generation is like another. He is one shining star, proven hero and prophet of ours.

Still as fiercely humble, haughty and questioning, the strong-jawed, witty Buji-nin enriches my soul with his tales of a life lived fully, on the edge, out of the box sharing constant challenges of genius and profane sensibility. I wish you could know him.

A wounded warrior of the ages I am proud and honored to call friend-Buji-nin.


4/3/2017 “Silence is worse; all truths that are kept silent become poisonous.” – Friedrich Nietzsche Photographer Unknown

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Canticle II

My soul thirsts for the living God. The deer seeks out water brooks.

My most inner self longs for you, thirsts for the living God.

His mountains of stone like Him stand. His rapids and floods cover me.

My poured out soul cannot contain such high thought as these.

Deep calls to deep in holy noise. I fall to my face in worship.

a psalm of David…transposed…


My pen is bent to glory. I address my verses to the King.

He anointed me with grace. My pen bends to a noble theme.

Your dwelling places are lovely. Your throne is beyond our comprehension.

Truly it is God who saves me. He is my rock and my salvation.

a psalm of David…transposed…


Severed Hope



Compliantly, urgently listening

with blind hope, ears wide open

as the sheep for the shepherd.  


Waiting, searching, seaking

without forethought or line

as a prophet for the Spirit.


Wandering, thirsting, hungering

finding dry bones and spoilt manna

such the Gomorrhan I must be.


Gazing, seeing, hearing

enlightenment explodes into being

drools from darkness and shadow.


Hark the composition of my Muse!


No shepherd but serpent.

If spirit, evil.

Carefully tendering my terrible pen.

keeping time

“Keeping Time”….
What a wonderful poem, thought, post, story, fable…
I wish I had written this!
Thanks! I got the gentle, loud lesson.

resarf poetry


keeping time ( a precautionary tale )

i like to keep a spare afternoonin my pocketnext to them keyswhich i always need& a pleasant eveningaround my neckkept in a locket( only to be openedduring emergencies )...

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Heart screams come in waves

Changing voices UN-explaining

Waiting in loud desperation

Musings on Artistic Fantasy

“Sunday morning coming down…”. We remember or have heard the line from that country song. I seem to hear it in the deep soulful voice of Johnnie Cash. I had my share of those dark empty awakenings. Enough to be thrilled and blessed with joy this Sunday to awaken to a world of freedom from self. In this world I have boundaries to express my greatest fantasies in writing and art.

Now to be sure, art is in the eye of the beholder and is intrinsically relative, but mine is definitely primitive, unpredictable. Art to me is fun and fantasy. A fellow blogger asked me recently what my favorite art “subject” is. Wow! I could not answer her. I suppose the closest I can come is “Fantasy”. Here I reluctantly and with fear and trembling, post a few of my pieces. “Sunday morning coming out…”. Feedback from any and all will be graciously accepted!    

 Cheers and Happy Sunday!  




The Waterside Bloom…

Thank you Jacquline! I wake up every morning to the view of a wild but protected lake in my backyard. It is an ancient cypress knee swamp sprawling along what is now a golf course. The water sparkles in the morning light. An assortment of birds like herons, Pileated wood peckers and geese enjoy the refuge. This time of year the gators are deep in the mud, but we often see a few otters under our small dock. Budding trees and shrubs promise spring is near…
The beauty of nature fills our lives with peace, joy and a sure sense of of well-being…
Thanks for your great post!

a cooking pot and twisted tales

Walking by the waters calms me,

it humbles me to see the expanse of nature’s’  beauty that abounds before me and

to realise that, I’m one of nature’s beauty and bloom.



Flower bloom, waters

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Sharon Parker Turner

Featured Artist-Sharon Parker Turner-Georgetown SC Native

bitsofmyselfcom. A scribbling penner with mysterious thoughts...

Featured Artist

Sharon Parker Turner is a native of Georgetown SC and lives at Pawleys Island.

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