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Cerulean splendor from Goethe, Thoreau, Virginia Woolf, Vladimir Nabokov, Rachel Carson, Toni Morrison, and other literary masters.
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New Work

King Protea is an exotic Hawaiian plant. The blooms captivated me at first sight.

I had a little fun with art and photography by drawing a couple of these magnificent blooms and using the photo app to enhance the colors in photo two.

My ideas came from art and photos on Pinterest.



Coming on Fall



“Summer Morning”
tagged: Blazing Color

Thanks to the artist MDH.

Awesome photography!

Summer Morning

Overgrown green, moving downward

Straying unconstrained,

By nature, rampant, running tangles.


                      Blazing color


Bursting forth, by both self and soul

Safely contained,

In overlooked whitewashed vessels.


                   Summer Morning


Summer Morning Song

Tiny rain-soaked pots and stones 

Precious, hidden, glorious.

Flourish yet untended

There’s one who cares for you.


Cherubim and tiny blooms bow down before Him

 Gaze ever sun-ward

Summer Morning Song


Summer Morning

Fledgling-deeply, slept-buried and softly hidden

Risen-securely rooted-warmed with evening sun

Hope incarnate-in a Summer Morning garden


Summer Morning

Symbols, seen and unseen

Blazing heat, shade in shadow

Centering, rounding, promising


In a summer morning garden