A Big Brothel in a Little Town

Oh yeah! Ladies of the night set up and protected by the movers and shakers of a small unknown town between Charleston and Wilmington on route 17, kept “House” from the 1930’s-the late 1960’s.  Through the decades lawyers, bankers, estate owners, servicemen, truckers, local law enforcement and out-of- towners partook of “Sunset Lodge’s” plush, Chicago/Southern style entertainment. 

The Lodge was known for class in it’s women, spirits, food, jazz, accommodations and superior attention to detail. Silver and crystal was shining, mahogany furniture and floors were polished daily. Sheets were 100% cotton and washed after each use. The best MD in town visited weekly to keep the “girls” disease free. The Head Mistress of the time was “Queen” and all-powerful; a kind but domineering ruler-the best in the business, according to the owner-proprietors.   

This Queen chose her girls from places afar and with great particularity. She knew instinctively the needs and preferences of her clientele and she would obtain her girls by blag if necessary. 

2 thoughts on “A Big Brothel in a Little Town

    1. Hey Carl. This post is not finished…as you can see. I did not mean for it to be posted-
      Watch for the rest!


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