A Privilege and a Shame

By Land grants as gifts like Grace Acquired

Grand as stone-Southern Aristocracy- Plantations

 Like mountains-Palatial Mansions overlooking Rivers.

Avenues of Ancient Live Oaks Implying

To be as Interminable as Virtue

Robot-like House Slaves In

Full Dress as Princes in polished Livery

 Black and White as Eloquence

Field Slaves toil as mud men with women amongst Grain

Daylight ’til Evening

 Clapboard Shacks stand-as bright as lead Avenues

Stand in crooked lines Whitewashed with rusty Nails.

Children play like happy flames in the fire Dust

Gentile ladies with dainty cubes upon silver, sip Absinth

Head-wrapped women like African Queens cook in bright in Sackcloth

In Leather rooms with mirrors like Goliath, the Gentlemen use Hashish

 Generations like ours recount, continue, as house cats- Accustomed

The traces remain, Hidden in bright Memory

Land-grant Families own the Evolution.


(A privilege among us and A shame upon us born with silver spoons.)


9 thoughts on “A Privilege and a Shame

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  2. Pingback: A Privilege and a Shame | mfdpens@pi

  3. Hi everyone at The Commons:
    I love all the posts you have made-your peoms are well written, full of soul, heartfelt truth that comes from deep within yourselves and you get more accomplished daily.
    Daily life has taken me away from you and I am sorely distressed!
    Keep writing! You are amazing!
    Myra Dingle @ myrapawleys@wordpress.com


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