Louisa’s… “Little Problem”


What To Do

During the day she could not get it out of her head!  At night while she was supposed to be sleeping, dreaming about new dresses or the fabulous, handsome boy who moved next door, the thing kept her awake.  Okay, she knew all her girlfriends thought she was flakey and her parents were close to sending her to that “fluffy” school they kept talking about, but she could not help it!  Louisa knew she had seen the opening with her own two eyes! How stupid had she been to have told any one in the first place? Now there was not a soul to talk to about it and that was no fun, much less she supposed she would have to go on her own.

She had even mentioned the opening to Cecelia in the kitchen one afternoon while Cecelia was preparing dinner. Cecelia was more than a cook. She had been with Louisa’s family for as long as she could remember and Louisa trusted and loved her.

Louisa was disappointed and well, a little mad that Cecelia got all strange and told her to stop talking crazy. She also told her that is she had seen some opening or anything like one, that nothing good was to come of it and she was to stay away from “those parts” she called it. Up against a brick wall is what Louisa was.


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