Calling All Stars

Calling All Stars

I have learned along the way that images and visions inspire me to write. I see myself in the image, as possibly the girl in the picture-magical-able to reach into her jar of wonders and pick out shining bits of gold. Maybe her name was Mary Elizabeth, but when a faerie touched her she became Elizabetha and was imbued with magical powers.

Elizabetha became close friends with the fairies that she often dined with and slept in their Faylinn. A Faylinn the faerie name for a particular family of fairies. Elizabetha learned fairie ways and they introduced her to wondrous lands.

In the Visions picture, Elizabetha seems to be so filled with the joy of her new surroundings and powers that she cannot contain herself! She boldly, extravagantly and joyfully releases “Visions of Gold” across the universe-and rejoices!

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